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Premium PEDR Template

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Let's face it, filling in PEDR's are a pain! The updated online system is meh, but it's vital you keep your own digital archive of your professional experience. This Notion template does exactly that. You will be able to:

- Input all the required information as per the RIBA PEDR system

- Keep all records in one place

- Share with your PSA or mentor

- Include this wiki as part of your architecture hub on Notion and access anywhere

We've created this template and tested its pressure points as a working architectural assistant. The information included has all the necessary components and more!

⭐ What's included?

- Pre-made templates for projects and PEDR logs, just fill it in!

- The RIBA Plan of Work explained

- Extra guides and resources

- Monthly journal - Add your experiences incrementally and collate at the end

😄 About

:scale is an architecture blog and platform for students and young designers.




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Notion Template


Premium PEDR Template

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